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Thiamax contains thiamine tetrahydrofurfuryl disulfide, a derivative of thiamine (vitamin B1) with high bioavailability. This form has been shown to cross the blood-brain-barrier and can bypass normal routes of thiamine absorption, with a higher rate of uptake both in the gut and at the cellular level. Thiamax also includes a small amount of magnesium (as magnesium taurate), which plays an important role in supporting how cells can use thiamine.

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Thiamax contains a highly-bioavailable derivative of thiamine (vitamin B1) called TTFD - thiamine tetrahydrofurfuryl disulfide. This form has been widely researched in Japan for its therapeutic potential in addressing thiamine insufficiency.

Unlike other forms of thiamine supplementation, TTFD’s molecular structure allows it to pass through intestinal and cellular membranes without the requirement for a transport system. Once inside the cell, it can be activated and used as a cofactor in important biochemical processes.

TTFD also has a demonstrated capacity to penetrate the blood brain barrier and increase thiamine levels in the brain and central nervous system, where it may be used to support optimal cognition and maintain autonomic nervous system function.

Due to its superior bioavailability, TTFD can be taken in much lower doses than what is considered the “therapeutic dose” of other forms such as thiamine salts.

Thiamax also contains a small amount of magnesium (as magnesium taurate), which is a mineral that is important for supporting how cells can utilize thiamine.

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How to use

  • Take one capsule per day with or without food.
  • Avoid coffee/tea consumption either one hour before or two hours after taking thiamax.
  • Avoid taking this product in the afternoon/evening, as it may interfere with sleep.
  • Should be taken alongside 200-400mg of magnesium & a high quality B-complex

For first time users who consider themselves sensitive to supplements:

  • Start with half or quarter of a capsule per day by emptying half of the capsule contents into a small glass of water.
  • Increase the dose every three or four days until you reach one full capsule.

Important information:

  • In some individuals, supplementation with Thiamax can induce a temporary worsening of certain symptoms such as fatigue, brain-fog, and digestive bloating or gas. This usually lasts for around one week, and is referred to as the “paradoxical reaction”.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many capsules shall I take to begin with?

When is the best time to take Thiamax?

Can I take it with food?

What are the side effects?

What is the maximum dose?

Are there any other supplements which should be taken with Thiamax?

156 reviews for Thiamax

  1. Paulette Mclean (verified owner)

    My order arrived on time, the pills are small and easy to swallow I feel more energy and clarity of mind after I started taking them. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

  2. Barbara Meier (verified owner)

    Highly recommend- no unnecessary added substances!

  3. Paul R. (verified owner)

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    very good product, hoping to see a drop in my blood sugar as i am pre diabetes and am having less urination during the night which is great

  5. Victoria R. (verified owner)

    This supplement has changed my life. 🙏💝💯🥳

  6. Nicole K. (verified owner)

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    recieved product quickly, It does seem to be helping my symptoms

  8. Ride Ride (verified owner)

  9. Mitesh Joshi (verified owner)

    Started showing positive effects from 3rd day

  10. Keyon Johnson (verified owner)

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Still trying to figure out how best to use this. At 2 capsules per day, my mood noticeably increased, but I could not sleep, despite taking both capsules before 1 pm. At 1 capsule per day, there was no change in mood. I may have to open them and try 1 1/2 capsules worth.

  12. Frank (verified owner)

    TTFD is used to increase my stomach acid. I used to take 10 300MG Benfotiamine daily. I discovered Elliot Overton and now taking just one little capsule has made a big difference in digestion, especially not overloading my stomach every morning with 10 - 12 capsules. Thiamax helps me clean and clear my gut by increasing stomach acid and prevents bacterial overgrowth. No more bloat! I consume a Carnivore diet, so between that and Thiamax my stomach and me are loving life once again.

  13. Evelyn F. (verified owner)

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

  15. Kathryne Paine (verified owner)

    Still too early to tell. Send me another survey in a month.

  16. Jon Post (verified owner)

    Oder came Quickly, packaged well, and can't complain

  17. Stephen Ohi (verified owner)

  18. Junetta (verified owner)

  19. Paula Hupitzer (verified owner)

    Seems to set me off pain wise

  20. Nancy Henson (verified owner)

    Performed exactly how you said it would!

  21. Michele (verified owner)

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I started slowly out precaution - on day 1-4 i was only taking the ThiActive B and on day 5 i started Thiamax - so far i haven't had any side effects and I’m gradually feeling the improvements.

    Day 1 acid reflux stopped and garlic/sulphur intolerance almost gone

    Day 3 excessive hair fall stopped

    Day 5 alot more energy and less yawning

    Still making daily observations and will start taking Thiamega

    I have a range of longterm thiamine deficiencies - hyper thyroid, repetitive kidney stones, inability to control hydration status in the body and consumption of potassium, cant processes oxalates, occasional histamine intolerance, FODmap diet intolerance, sulphur intolerance, loss of appetite and loss of muscle mass, acid reflux , low acid, sibo, gallbladder stones, persistent constipation, hemorrhoids, nutritional deficiencies despite liposomal supplementation, pre-diabetic status, high LDL and cholesterol and cardiac risk markers, checst pains, occasional anxiety, early sign of pre-menopause. It all started with low stomach acid and over the years i compiled all the other side effects of long term indigestion and insufficient acid for 25 years - additional symptoms every 3 years and no protocol helped long term. I can say thiamine is the missing link as now without hcl or acv i feel im able to produce enough acid to digest the meal and i may stop taking enzymes soon as the bosy will be capable over time to get produce its own if all stem cell signaling is functioning well after thiamine supplementation.

    I also had to treat a scar tissue on the stomach meridian that i had for 26 years.

    Everyday i take with them a spectrum of 7 types of Magnesium 500-750mg daily, zinc, selenium, copper, Molybdenum, Manganese, copper, calcium AKG, vit DK2 , liposomal vit C and liposomal PC oil and omega 3.

    p.s - I had to do energy clearing to remove the negative energetic impact from the flights and heat of transportation that took 10 days to reach me. After clearing I found that the content of the material was resonating 100% with a healing vibration for ThiActive B and 75% resonance with healing vibrations for Thimax and Thiamega - im guessing some damage happened from the heat as it reached me very hot.

  23. erma allison (verified owner)

    Extreme fatigue, will reduce dosage as I listened to your instructions.

  24. Shahid Imran (verified owner)

  25. Lana S. (verified owner)

    I'm trying megadose of B1 for Parkinson's. This form of B1 is the third type I've tried. I find Thiamax agrees with me quite well. This approach will take a while to ascertain the benefits and so I'll keep ya posted!

  26. Christiane L. (verified owner)

    Easy ordering, good communication and fast shipping.

  27. Jonathan F. (verified owner)

  28. Lisa Williams (verified owner)

    The product caused a terrible interaction with the medication Metoprolol for, high blood pressure and heart arrhythmia. I staggered the consumption of the supplement by taking it 6 hours after medication. I tried taking 1/4 or 1/2 of the recommended dosage of the supplement. The reaction continued. I could not continue to use the supplement. Nearly all of the product has been wasted.

  29. Nancy M. (verified owner)

    Delivery was prompt and after a couple of weeks taking thiamax I have improved sleep and energy. And also I’ve noticed feeling less stressed. I have a sense of calmness.

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Too soon to see any improvement. I'm still hoping . I received the product on time in good condition.

  31. Susan (verified owner)

  32. Tim McCarroll (verified owner)

  33. Charles Horn (verified owner)

    Great product. Fast shipping. Thank you.

  34. Anonymous (verified owner)

  35. Lois (verified owner)

  36. Kenneth Gooday (verified owner)

  37. Anonymous (verified owner)

  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good price. Delivered quickly.

  39. Carol Shwetz (verified owner)

  40. Doreen H. (verified owner)

    I was very happy with my purchase and both bottles arrived on time. Thiamax is an amazing product! Thank you.

  41. Stan Anderson (verified owner)

    It would be helpful to have smaller, and perhaps larger, capsule sizes of thiamax

  42. Anonymous (verified owner)

  43. MARIA HENNE (verified owner)


  44. Anonymous (verified owner)

  45. ZeZe (verified owner)

    Great product l! With expedited shipping options

  46. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy order and delivery. Small pill with garlic smell in burps. No problem.
    I did approx 4 weeks of chloride form (gave me sores in my mouth) then a few days on this and had to break. It’s cleaner but stronger. 1/4 dose would be nice. Mood lifted and body warmed in24 hrs. Bowels more alive. Burping and stomach pain increased too much. Paradox sure but now taking 1/week. Ulcer issues suddenly otherwise great health. Gf/gf beef and salt only. I just added raw goats milk. Much stress and a lot of dark chocolate and coffee messed up the stomach after 8 months of lockdowns, legal issues, etc. Thank you and bless you in Yeshua. It’s not easy to find simple and clean supplements. It’s the only thing I take. Ironically, it probably started many years ago while healthy eating and active but lived on coffee am, espresso midday and pre workouts after work.

  47. Carla (verified owner)

    Love how small these capsules are. Received quickly! Thanks for offering this -- and all the info you share!!!!

  48. Clorinda Y. (verified owner)

    I'm in Alberta, Canada. My shipment came quickly right to my mailbox. I had sent am email to Objective Nutrients with a question about stock and they replied the same day! Thiamax has changed my life, I was able to go off of my IBS-C medication. I have less stomach aches, bloating and pain. I'm on 200mg combined with the suggested co-factors that Elliot Overton outlines in his "Addressing thiamine deficiency and the paradoxical reaction" PDF that he sells. It's worth a try for anybody who is dedicated to improving their health. The worst thing that can happen is it won't work. But if it does.... GAME CHANGER!

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent product and I have noticed the difference already in a short period of time. Greater energy levels and within days my sleep issues improved greatly.
    For me a crucial factor in ordering this brand is that it does not contain any of the "other ingredients" that are normally in most supplements. It was of utmost importance for me that this supplement does not contain any of the substances or have the source of anything to which I may be allergic or sensitive. Almost impossible to find in any supplement and it seems as though this brand takes great care in avoiding such products at the same time producing a very effective vitamin

  50. Barbara (verified owner)

    Love it. Tiny capsule. No smell or taste. No fillers.

  51. Katherine G. (verified owner)

    Shipping was super fast!

  52. Kathryn White (verified owner)

  53. David H. (verified owner)

    Very Pleased

  54. Maureen G. (verified owner)


  55. Mary Clemens (verified owner)

  56. Rupert Leary (verified owner)

    I am concerned with future orders because of the summer heat. Do you have a way to protect these orders from the higher temperatures?

  57. david y. (verified owner)

    I received the THIAMAX a week ago and took the first one then i noticed there was a little ( bad Taste) after I left the capsule in the mouth for a second it tasted like i was chewing a punch of apple seeds a little bitter and just not feel right and might not be safe to take it again so I emailed to the company hope they will let me know if that is a normal taste or not but for now I am not going to take it until they give me an answer

  58. Holly Mills (verified owner)

    Just started using his today and it is setting very well. Good quality product with no stomach upset.

  59. Kathleen A. (verified owner)

    I find this product very helpful and love how clean it is for a supplement. Timely shipping. Best TTFD supplement on the market! Listen to Elliott Overton on social media he knows what he's doing.

  60. Linda S (verified owner)

    Have been taking for over a year, very happy with this product. So glad I found your direct order site, cheaper, easier and faster than on Amazon.

  61. Grant L. (verified owner)

    Great product, great price.

  62. Dennis P. (verified owner)

    Repeat purchase says it all.

  63. Angie (verified owner)

    Fantastic! For some reason, my husband has a really hard time with other forms of TTFD, but no paradoxical reactions whatsoever with Thiamax. Thank you!

  64. J Preston (verified owner)

    In my opinion this is the best TTFD supplement on the market.

  65. Pamela M Bell (verified owner)

    So thankful for the information Elliott has shared and the ttfd affect on my brain and cognitive abilities.

  66. Victoria R. (verified owner)

    Quality product. Within 4 days I could feel extra energy.

  67. Nathan (verified owner)

  68. Al Corte (verified owner)

    This product really does help definitely makes a difference!

  69. Anonymous (verified owner)

  70. Molly (verified owner)

    Thiamax gave me the necessary dose and filter free formula to get my muscles and digestion working again. It's a key support I need to keep my MS symptoms at bay.

  71. Laurinda (verified owner)

    So far so good. I have had a clearer mind and a better outlook on life.

  72. kisu Kim (verified owner)

    Only concern about this is the stock is limited to the continuous usage. after I purchased this, I noticed that it is out of stock. This is my big concern about this and your company.

  73. Ride Ride (verified owner)

    Attentive,timely response

  74. Margarita Kwasneski (verified owner)

    I love your promptness!! Always happy with the product! 😊

  75. James S. (verified owner)

    Love this product!

  76. Clorinda Young (verified owner)

    After 5 days on Thiamaxx, B-complex and magnesium oxide, I was able to go off my medication for IBS-C. It has changed my life. I've been in turmoil with my digestive system for years and now, I'm simply not. I feel like it's a miracle.

  77. Lana Stredicke (verified owner)

    I haven't taken Thiamax for very long so I really can't comment on any affects yet. I have tried other forms of B1 recently and feel that I have landed on the right one. Daphne Bryan, author of 'Parkinson's and the B1 Therapy' and an interview of her by Elliot Overton is the information/therapy I'm trying to incorporate into my efforts to fight a diagnosis of Parkinson's I received three years ago. I am happy I received it in a timely fashion.

  78. Virginia Herndon (verified owner)

    Timely Delivery

  79. Gabrielle (verified owner)

  80. Anonymous (verified owner)

  81. Anonymous (verified owner)

  82. Bert (verified owner)

    So far (1 week) good results for neuropathy pain.

  83. Anonymous (verified owner)

  84. Marie Jeudy (verified owner)

    I had severe neuropathic pain, was unable to sleep at night. The pain is 10/10 gone, only the weakness persisted. Will recommend to all diabetic patients

  85. Angelica Donn (verified owner)

    This stuff is great! Fast delivery and a quality company.

  86. Frank (verified owner)

    Excellent and Timely shipping. The product as improved my life immensely...thank you, Elliot Overton for being inquisitive within your own life so others might benefit.

  87. Sue H. (verified owner)

    On my second bottle. My husband's shakiness is getting better.

  88. Monique Perzylo (verified owner)

    On the photo of above Thiamax the cost is $22 (USA? or British?), in Canada, the cost is $37 CAD or so. Excellent communication with Damian: next time I place an order, I can use direct bank transfer to your account rather than using PayPal or Credit Card that does add an extra fee for converting US $ to other foreign $.

  89. Nolan Hutchison (verified owner)

  90. Boo (verified owner)

  91. Chris (verified owner)

    Very happy with this product

  92. Anonymous (verified owner)

  93. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I have only been taking this for a week But so far it seems to have improved my focus and stamina. My sleep also seems better. My Oura ring shows increases deep sleep. I’m excited to continue and watch for other improvements

  94. Stephanie S. (verified owner)

    For nearly two decades I have been proactive at finding what my body needs from supplements that I cannot do through diet. Thiamax is one that I could tell immediate results just after taking it. I have more energy, mental clarity and those last few stubborn pounds that were hanging on since I turned 40 are finally starting to go away. Out of all of my vitamins and minerals, this is one I will always keep on hand.

  95. Brian (verified owner)

    I have taken Thiamax for 2 weeks now. I started with 50 mg and now I have been at 200 mg for about 4 days. I am experiencing the paradoxical symptoms, which are not pleasant, but i am pleased to understand that it is more than likely working. At some point in the coming weeks I will possibly add a multivitamin and/or a B complex. The overall purchase and website experience was great. I am hopeful that my Thiamine deficiency can be fixed.

  96. Al Corte (verified owner)

    Wonderful product really works!

  97. James Baker (verified owner)

  98. Michelle (verified owner)

    very slow delivery but excellent product

  99. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Just as ordered,

  100. Lewis Papenfuse (verified owner)

  101. dorothy donahue (verified owner)

    great product at a good price with quick delivery

  102. Margarita (verified owner)

    I’m always surprised how quickly my order arrives!😳 Great product and service!!!!!!

  103. Shauna M. (verified owner)

    This has turned my life around

  104. Nathalie (verified owner)

    après 1 semaine je n'ai plus d'arythmie et le sentiment d'avoir plus d'air dans le corps. Je me sens oxygèné.

  105. Julian Lacayo (verified owner)

    Great product!! Excellent quality!!

  106. Debra Wheeler (verified owner)

    Only started using for two weeks with the B Complex. My "gut" feeling is that it's working!

  107. Anonymous (verified owner)

  108. Marco Acosta (verified owner)

    This thiamine supplement has saved my life. I was having horrible symptoms, anxiety and really bad POTS. After years of drinking abuse and eating unhealthy, these symptoms made life and work unbearable. After so much research online I found the book Thiamine Deficiency Disease, Dysautonomia and High Calorie Malnutrition. Not long after I found Elliot content and then his supplement protocol.

  109. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I am very grateful I found a quality product
    With no junk filers in them.
    This is a must have if you follow the keto diet. Quality! Quality! Product and customer service.

  110. Rachel (verified owner)

    I started the sensitive protocol on Nov 1 and now it is Jan 3. I have had an improvement to my overall energy and mood. I used to want to take a nap every few days but now I can get through each day with no problems.

  111. Douglas Purvis (verified owner)

    I have a Thiamine deficiency so I know this product is working because my sleep and digestion are the best theyve ever been. It would be hard for you to relate but this changed my life. I had clinical insomnia and constant indigestion . They are completely gone after 34 years of staying up until 5am and having stomach pain after every meal. I just got lucky that I found about about Thiamine deficiency. If you have it this will work.

  112. clayton hoskyns (verified owner)

    bad reaction ,significant depression, tinnitus,very scary

  113. Laura V. (verified owner)

    I have a severe mold allergy and after much exposure, was left with dizziness, hypo tension, poor sleep, nightmares and chest pains. This product takes care of all of those symptoms. When I quit taking it for a few days all of the symptoms immediately return. This is the only product that helps and always is shipped quickly. It has been a life saver for me.

  114. Dorothy (verified owner)

    Thiamax was the first product I tried from EO Nutrition with fairly good results for my idiopathic neuropathy back in 2021. Then when I paired it up with Thiamega & Benfotimine it was a game changer for me in 2022. I ran out last spring and slowly reverted back to having some major numbness in my feet which only continued to go up my ankles then up part of my calves. I seemed to get fairly fast results when I started back on it this fall. I was ever so grateful it worked again for me. I am trying to get up a stash of it up, so I don't run out again. Thank you for such an amazing product Mr. Elliot. You Rock your natural world of health and healing. I wait eagerly for each and every podcast you post. They are so well done and give so much hope for those of us who suffer from ailments no one knows what to do with. May God Bless your heart young man.

  115. Nancy Burks (verified owner)

    Has definitely helped my fibromyalgia symptoms and sleeping better. Having to adjust my other high potency B vitamin protocol so a bit of experimenting in process.

  116. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My order arrived very quickly. I am happy with this company.

  117. MARTHA A. (verified owner)

    It’s doing a big difference in my digestion. Thanks!!!

  118. Anonymous (verified owner)

  119. Dale (verified owner)

    Honestly can't tell if it's making any difference, but that may not be the products fault. One of my doctors swears by it.

  120. Christian Kaegi (verified owner)

  121. Byron (verified owner)

    The wife and I are utilizing Thiamax and monitoring our individual health concerns over various B1 deficiencies. To date no ill affects and apparently some positive effects. More time will be required for an accurate assessment of its effectiveness.

  122. Ryan K. (verified owner)

  123. Sharon Williams Prahl (verified owner)

    A necessary form of Thiamin for some individuals with quick results, observed within 24 to 48 hrs significant improvements in clients' cognitive and immune function. And yet another supposed neurological deficit is altered by a nutrient. So is it a nutrient deficit, or is or something on the scale between the two? The clients don't ask those questions, so far they are just enjoying their increase in quality of living and functioning. I am grateful for learning more about High Caloric Malnutrition and the writings Chandler Marrs, PhD on Homone Matters, https://www.hormonesmatter.com/thiamine-deficiency-testing-understanding-labs/

  124. Christina K. (verified owner)

  125. Tawney Guyon (verified owner)

  126. Dorothy W. (verified owner)

    Excellent B1 which seems to be helping to knock back my neuropathy pain much better than the standard one I was taking.

  127. JASON TUCKER (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Quick Shipping.

  128. Joshua Adam (verified owner)

    Good quality and effective

  129. JOHN (verified owner)

    Love the small size no fillers and amount to dose accordingly to symptoms

  130. Molly Pimm (verified owner)

    I had a sudden onset of severe muscle dysfunction 8 years ago, and gratefully with the use of Thiamax and the educational materials I've been able to rebuild my health. I'm walking unassisted and hiking mountains again!

  131. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I was happy with my purchase. It came quickly too.

  132. Charlie (verified owner)

  133. Anonymous (verified owner)

  134. Bozidar Sadak (verified owner)

  135. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I tried Thiamega and now trying the Thiamax to see the difference.

  136. azizeh ali (verified owner)

  137. Gabriel Laporta (verified owner)

  138. Kathie M. (verified owner)

    Just started taking Thiamax but I think I am feeling more energy as I am getting more done in a day. Looking forward to continued benefits.

  139. Aykut Sigin (verified owner)

    I have been using a vitamin B complex as well as benfothiamine, but I haven't had as much success as I did with Thiamax. I just took one capsule today and I can already tell my overall condition is improving (I must also say that I hadn't read the instructions about not drinking coffee before or after taking Thiamax and I did drink coffee one hour within my Thiamax consumption. So, I think me seeing results even with coffee depriving it is great news). Maybe next time you could put the invoice that clearly shows how much I've paid for the two bottles, since I had lots of problems at the customs. Great product, thank you!

  140. Doug Cook (verified owner)

  141. Kamie (verified owner)

    Pleased with delivery and packaging. Seems to be quality supplement, is helping my constipation.

  142. Ryan O. (verified owner)

    Just what I needed! Easy ordering and Fast shipping!!!

  143. Ashley B. (verified owner)

  144. Esmir H. (verified owner)

    Cleanest form of B1 out there, however you need to start slowly and make sure that your taking enough of other co-factors vits&mins to be able to assimilate B1 or else your going to crash.

  145. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product. Prompt shipping. No complaints.

  146. Juaquin Esparza (verified owner)

    This Thiamax supplement is the FIRE. I was showing your product to a friend of mine. I gave him 2 100mg capsules and I took two also. 20 minutes later he said " dude, I can totally tell the difference from before I took these!" I said "I told you, bro"
    We are both big boys, and we both felt it -- laser sharp focus, a spike in energy, my vision felt like an eagle's. I love this stuff. The ability of this stuff to increase your energy, focus, concentration and visual acuity is obvious upon taking this supplement. I very highly recommend this product

  147. Christopher (verified owner)

  148. Bozidar Sadak (verified owner)

  149. Breanna Cuevas (verified owner)

    I lost my bottle and noticed my fibromyalgia symptoms coming back, so I bought another and found my old one. Now I’m set!

  150. Donald Hunt (verified owner)

  151. kathleen (verified owner)

  152. Rhonda S. (verified owner)

    Thiamax is the only supplement that finally eliminated my neuropathic foot pain! I can now sleep at night without debilitating foot pain. I highly recommend this product!

  153. Laura (verified owner)

    I’m pleased with Objective Nutrients products. It’s really impressive that they have such a short turnaround time from order to delivery.

  154. Lewis Papenfuse (verified owner)

  155. Hermes M. (verified owner)

    Very good product, I'd recommend it to anyone who is experiencing an illness that can be treated with thiamine.

  156. Alexander Joseph Hamburger (verified owner)

    I have been using Thiamax for two months and I am completely satisfied. Neuropathy in my feet is much less severe, and seems it continues to improve. What I was not expecting and very happily surprised, my bladder control has improved. Just for the improved bladder control Thiamax is worth its weight in gold. For three months prior to starting Thiamax, I prepared myself by taking B100 complex, magnesium bisglycinate, benfotiamine, NAC, MSM, and Niacin. Also reduced carbs in my diet below 100 grams per day. On starting Thiamax for about 2 days I staggered while walking because of difficulty balancing on my feet. After that no problems.

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